Pipeline Outer Coating

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Because oil and gas pipelines extends poleward, ocean, permafrost, swamps, deserts and other harsh environment, the performance of the coating made more stringent requirements. Emphasize coating has good dielectric properties, physical properties, chemical stability and wide temperature adaptability, to meet the functional requirements of a variety of anti-corrosion, insulation, insulation, increase strength.

Technical performance and condition of the outer coating

CoatingPetroleum pitch
Coal tar enamel
Coal tar epoxy
Plastic adhesive tape
Polyethylene coat layer
Epoxy powder coat
Coating materials

Petroleum asphalt,

intermediate materials for glass mesh 

glass mat, etc.

Coal tar pitch, 

intermediate materials for glass mesh glass mat, etc.

Coal tar epoxy mixture, 

glass cloth, etc.


polyvinyl chloride (strip)

High (low) density 

polyethylene (pellets)


epoxy resin, 

phenol resin (powder)

Coating structure
Thin coating multilayer structure
Thin coating multilayer structure
Thin coating multilayer structure  


1 internal layer, 1 outside layer


2 internal layer, 2 outside layer 

particularly strong: 

2 internal layer, 2 outside layer

Continuous coating closely adhered to the wall, 

forming a hard shell

Coating melted in the wall, 

form a continuous solid film



Ordinary ≥4.5


particularly strong ≥7 

Ordinary ≥3


particularly strong ≥5.5

Ordinary ≥0.2


particularly strong ≥0.6 

                0.7-41-3.5                   0.2-0.3