Heavy duty coatings

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Heavy duty coatings refers to the corrosion can in a relatively harsh environment applications relatively conventional anti-corrosion coatings, which has achieved a longer protection than conventional anti-corrosion coating of a class of anti-corrosion coatings. 

Features of heavy-duty coatings 
① It can use in harsh conditions, and have long-lasting antiseptic life, heavy-duty coatings in the chemical atmosphere and ocean environments, and can be used for more than 10 years or 15 years, even in acid, alkali, salt and solvent medium in and under certain temperature conditions, can also be used for more than five years. 
② thick film is an important sign of heavy anti-corrosion coatings. General anti-corrosion coating dry film thickness of the coating is about 100μm or 150μm, while the heavy-duty paint dry film thickness of 200μm or 300μm in the above, there is 500μm ~ 1000μm, even up to 2000μm. 

Difference with conventional anti-corrosion coatings 
The main difference between the heavy-duty coatings and conventional anti-corrosion coatings is in its high technology content, technical difficulties, technological advancement and product development involved, it is no longer over-reliance on the knowledge and experience of the paint, it depends on electronics, physics, ecology, other machinery, equipment and management of multi-disciplinary knowledge and intersection, his technique comes from the high resistance of synthetic resin, efficient dispersants and rheological additives applications, the development of new anti-corrosion barrier pigments and fillers, advanced and special tests equipment and other supporting measures such as the use.