SA 213 Boiler Tube

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SA 213 standard specification for seamless ferritic andaustenitic alloy-steel boiler,super heater,and heat-exchanger tubes.

1. Surface state:
Austenitic steel pipe should be washed to removethe scale, when the use of bright annealing, you do not need pickling. 

2. Chemical analysis of finished products:
It shall be analyzed from one billet or one pipeper furnace, and the chemical composition determined accordingly shall meet thespecified requirements. 

3. Mechanical test and grain size:
(1) Tensile test:Such as each batch of steel pipe≤ 50 root, then take a sample for tensile test; each batch of steel pipe>50, then two steel pipes should take two samples for tensile test. 
(2) Flattening test: in each batch of a finishedtube at both ends of each sample to take a flattening test, but the root cannot used as a flaring sample. 
(3) Flaring test: in each batch of a finished tubeat both ends of a sample for a flaring test, but the root canal can not be usedas a flattening sample. 
(4) Hardness test: from each batch of two tubes onthe sample to do Brinell or Rockwell hardness test. 
(5) Water pressure test: each pipe should behydrostatic test. When the buyer is specified, a non-destructive test may beused instead.
(6) Grain size: according to ASME E112 standardtest.