DIN 1628 ST52.4

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DIN 1628 ST52.4 welded steel tubes/pipes are predominantly used in the construction of chemical plants, vessels, pipework and for general mechanical engineering purpose. The St52.4 steel tubes of DIN1628 are designed to meet high performance requirements. Normally , there are no limiting values for the maximum permission working pressure of DIN 1628 ST52.4 welded steel tubes. The permissible working pressure shall not exceed 300°C.

A welded tube conforming to DIN 1628 with an outside diameter of 114.3mm and a wall thickness of 3.2mm,made from ST52.4 steel(material number 1.0581) in the normalized condition(N) SHALL BE DESIGNATED AS “Tube DIN1628- St52.4 N” or “Tube DIN1628- 1.0581 N”.