DIN 2458 ST37.2

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DIN 2458 Standard applies to the dimensions and the conventional masses per unit length of welded steel pipes according to the technical conditions of delivery as stipulated in DIN
1628 Part 1 to part 4, DIN 17172 and DIN 17177. St37.2 welded pipe also applies to other technical conditions of conditions of delivery in which reference to DIN2458 standard is made.
It defines that sector, selected from DIN ISO 4200, within which welded steel pipes are standardized.It does not apply to precision steel tubes according to DIN 2393 and DIN 2394.

Designation of a welded steel pipe made of St 37.2, having an outside diameter of pipe 273mm and a wall thickness of 6.3mm :
Pipe DIN 2458 - St 37-2 - 273 X 6.3

Welded Steel Tubing and pipe-Corresponding to DIN 2458

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