Difference between ERW and LSAW Pipe

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The difference between the raw materials and production capacity 
ERW steel pipe material is hot rolled steel coils, raw of lsaw steel is hot-rolled steel. So ERW steel pipe can achieve a continuous pipeline operations, higher productivity, lower production costs; while lsaw steel pipe is used to process, can not be achieved continuous pipeline operations, low productivity, high production costs. ERW steel pipe coil is limited thickness, the maximum thickness to produce 25mm, can produce a maximum diameter of 660mm; lsaw steel pipe can be produced and the maximum thickness of 40mm, the steel sheet to produce the maximum diameter is limited only by the width of the currently available produce the maximum diameter of 1422mm. 

Welding difference 
ERW pipe welding is without additional wire; lsaw steel pipes need to add wire. 

Appearance difference 

ERW steel pipe welds are required to remove the inside and outside, so the corrosion favorable; lsaw steel pipe welds to stay more than a high outer wall of corrosion disadvantage. 

The difference between the purchase cost and difficulty 
ERW steel pipe has low procurement costs, lsaw steel pipe costs are very high, generally spread is 15% -25%. Domestic lsaw steel pipe manufacturers less, purchasing high degree of difficulty. When the diameter of <φ406mm, the="" greater="" the="" difference="" between="" the="" purchase="" cost="" a="" href="http://www.hebeitube.com"> ERW steel pipe manufacturer more low procurement difficulty, when the diameter of
Application difference 
ERW steel pipes are mainly used in natural gas, refined oil, crude oil, pulp and other land-based long-distance pipeline. LSAW steel pipes are mainly used in high-voltage submarine long pipeline, alpine regions.