Problem solving during welding of welded steel pipe

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Welded steel pipe in our daily life is also more common one kind of steel pipe, welded steel pipe we just as the name suggests is the welding type of steel pipe, in the welding process is a series of problems, welded pipe welding stress and deformation is a big problem. What should we do to solve these problems?
The first is the surface stress of the welded pipe. When the material is unable to produce the displacement under the action of force, the shape and size of the material will change. Material deformation occurs when the internal produced equal but opposite reaction resistance force, the internal force distribution in a set of said for stress, stress and micro area is a product of the internal force, or objects due to external factors (stress, temperature changes) and deformation, between the various parts of the object produced interaction of the internal forces, to resist the external role, and tries to make the object from the deformed position back to position before deformation.
From a mechanical point of view, deformation is the change in the shape of a structure (or part of it). Any structure is composed of a deformable solid material, which will produce deformation and displacement under the action of external force.
In the process of pipe production, even if it can be corrected, such as mechanical or flame correction, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also increased the additional stress of the welded pipe, the construction of the use of adverse, thus, we must have a reason for the welding and deformation of the cause, the size and the size of the reduction and avoid welding stress and deformation.