ERW Pipe Coating Material

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ERW pipe coating material is divided into pipeline corrosion materials theme, as well as their respective mending material. Body corrosion mainly petroleum asphalt, coal tar epoxy, adhesive tape, epoxy powder, PE coating, PP coating. Commonly used methods are mending mending asphalt, coal tar epoxy mending, mending adhesive tape, epoxy powder mending and PE shrink material mending a variety of ways. If the body is three-layer PE pipe composite structure mending material of choice for three PE thermal mending material. Single epoxy powder coating can be epoxy powder mending adhesive tape + primer and three PE shrink mending three ways.

Petroleum asphalt: raw material widely, low prices. However, poor working conditions, quality is difficult to guarantee, serious environmental pollution.

Coal tar epoxy: easy to operate, but a long time covering layer is cured, by the environmental impact, suitable for field work, below 10 ℃ difficult construction.

Tape wrapped around the cold preservation: easy to operate, but slightly worse adhesion, low water resistance, low intensity, by the large environmental impact.

Epoxy powder corrosion: electrostatic spraying, and the same material of pipe corrosion sintered body good, strong bonding, epoxy powder but water is poor (high water absorption, 0.83%), to cathodic protection design bring some difficulties. Site appliance requirements, the operation is difficult, difficult to control quality.

3PE shrink materials: sealing strong pipeline corrosion, high mechanical strength, water resistance strong, stable quality, convenient construction, applicability, and do not pollute the environment. PE low water absorption (less than 0.01%), along with high strength epoxy, PE hot melt adhesive, low water absorption and good flexibility, high corrosion reliability, the disadvantage is: Compared with other mending material costs high cost.