Characteristics of ERW Steel Pipe

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ERW steel pipe is able to meet the oil, natural gas pipeline.

Characteristics of ERW Pipe

(1) ERW steel pipe welding mechanism made gratifying achievements, and to the theory as a guide for the optimization of the welding process, all optimized parameters, the computer control, to mention Song of weld quality.

(2) weld annealing using fluorescence line positioning technology, so that annealing strictly specified site, so that weld quality further improved.

(3) early ERW pipe weld zone the ductile-brittle turn temperature FATT value is much higher than the base metal, the maximum difference of 40-50 degrees. Metallurgical and technological progress, the FATT the value of the pipe base metal can be as low as about -70-80 degrees, so even if the two have some difference, able to meet user requirements.

(4) the application of the technology of automated ultrasonic testing, ultrasonic automatic tracking online detection can be achieved, so that the weld formed to further reduce the probability of missing hidden due to undetected.