Preparations of Double-sided Submerged Arc Welding

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Double submerged arc welded pipe, it is a steel pipe welding named, this pipe is a big difference with the traditional welding, submerged arc welding sided welding to be done before a lot of preparatory work, indispensable.

Pre-welding equipment is including parts of mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, welding systems, electronic control systems.

(1) Import and export roller. Import and export roller tube to complete the access granted, transportation, open seam position adjustment and other functions. According to the pre-welding process requirements, the elevation at the end of the tube is not changed, thus requiring the opening of the import and export of roller can be adjusted according to pipe size. 

(2) Drive means. Pre-welding torch generally use fixed tube moves. Drive device to achieve delivery tube and welding the seam. According to the pre-welding process requirements, welding speed continuously adjustable, stable and reliable after adjustment, this requirement is to drive requirements drive, so generally use DC drive motor. Transmission generally use chain drive. Push the tube through the push block mounted on the drive chain of continuous feeding. 

(3) Commissure device. Commissure shrink tube extrusion apparatus to complete commissure. Means comprises a rack, the annular frame, the seam pressing roll. Circular rack can be moved in the rack up and down, so as to ensure the tube beneath the surface elevation change. Commissure pressure rollers squeeze the tube to achieve commissure. In each pressure roller is movable annular frame in the circumferential direction. Depending on the diameter, the angle adjustment of the different roller beams. Each group may also be radially adjustable pressure rollers to accommodate different pipe size. In order to ensure the stability of the tube seam, each press roller inspring force locking, steel re-use hydraulic pressure to unlock transfer type when changing specifications; its radial rely on hydraulic pressure locking to ensure seam quality. 

(4) With the extended guide device. With the extended guide tube mounted in the rack inlet side, the support for the tube cavity, reducing the wrong side.