ERW Casing for TPOC
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The TurkishPetroleum Overseas Company(TPOC) was established in Jersey, Channel Islands in1996 as an affiliate of TPAO to carry out all activities related with technicaland commercial oil and gas trade. TPOC is an operator in exploration projectsin Libya, with 51% share in NCBlock-188 (Ghademes Basin) and NCBlock- 189(Sirte Basin) and with 100% share in NCBlock-147/3-4 (Murzuq Basin).

In the context ofExploration and Production Sharing Agreement signed with Afghanistan Mine andOil Ministry and the consortium of Dragon Oil, Ghazanfar Investment Ltd. and TPAfghanistan Ltd. Via the Iraq companies founded, it continues its activities inBadra Field with 10% share, Missan field with 11.25% share, Siba Field with 40%share and Mansuriya Field with 50% share (operator). TPOC Ltd. has 3 offices in Iraq Bagdad, Libya Tripoli andAzerbaijan Baku.

Date:             23/05/2013

PO number: PO-032-13

Products:ERW Casing ,24"125.5ppf; 18 5/8" k55 87.5PPF BTC;13 3/8" k55 BTC 54.5PPF; 7"k55 L80 BTC 29 PPF; 7" K55 


Inspection: SGS



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