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Use of different type seamless steel tube

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Special-shaped seamless steel tubes are widely used in various structural parts, tools and mechanical parts. Compared with the circular tube, the special-shaped tube generally has a large moment of inertia and section modulus, with a large bending resistance, which can greatly reduce the structural weight and save the steel.

The special-shaped tube is usually divided according to the sectional area, and according to the material, it can be divided into seamless tube, aluminum alloy, and plastic special-shaped pipe. The following is a main introduction to the pipe - shaped pipe.

Steel pipe special pipe can be divided into oval shaped steel tube, triangular shaped steel tube, hexagonal shaped steel tube, the diamond shaped steel tube, octagonal shaped steel tube, semicircle deformed steel circle, not equilateral hexagons five disc shaped steel tube, the plum flower form shaped steel tube, double convex shaped steel tube, double concave shaped steel tube, melon seeds shaped steel tube, the cone shaped steel tube, corrugated shape profiled steel pipe.