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Stainless steel galvanized pipe Note

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1. Pay attention to the cold cutting of the composite pipe as far as possible, such as the grinding wheel cutting machine, the sawing machine, the pipe cutter, etc. However, no matter which kind of cutting method, the cut nozzle must be effectively treated so that the cut part is neat and the stainless steel layer is tightly attached. Galvanized pipe

2. When threading, the threaded part and the screwed-in end of the composite tube must be evenly coated with food grade sealant.

3. When screwing, the length of the external thread of the screw-in end composite pipe must be greater than the length of the internal thread of the pipe fitting so that the pipe end is tight against the internal step of the pipe fitting.

4. When using the groove connection, proper measures shall be taken so that the fluid can not contact the port of the composite pipe. An insert type silicone seal ring may be added, and a pipe end sealant may also be used.