time and temperature of hot-dip galvanizing seamless pipe

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From the past experiments and production practices, it is necessary to control thetemperature of the hot-dip galvanized zinc bath to a preferred temperature inthe range of 450 to 460'C. When the temperature is high, it will increase theheat consumption, shorten the service life of the steel zinc pot, acceleratethe formation of zinc slag and zinc ash, and affect the quality of thegalvanized silkworm plastic layer. When the temperature is low, it will affectthe ability of seamless steel tube galvanizing, and thezinc layer is thick and uneven due to the decrease in fluidity of the zincliquid.

The experienced hot-dip galvanizing workers manipulated the immersion time by investigatingthe reaction of hot-dip galvanizing: "Put the seamless steel tube into theimmersion bath until the "ubilation" phenomenon stops, and thenimmediately raise it without delay. It is possible to obtain the thickness ofthe zinc layer required for the use of the space."

Seamless steel tube manufacturers have shown that thethickness of the zinc-iron alloy layer below the pure zinc layer is related tothe time of zinc immersion, and the thickness of the pure zinc layer is relatedto the proposed speed of the seamless steel tube. Some galvanizing processesfor high-voltage wire towers, metal structure plants, steel pipe hot-dipgalvanizing plants and auto parts hot-dip galvanizing plants that have beenproduced for many years are generally 30 to 60 s.