ERW steel pipe for city gas pipeline network construction

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"Town Gas Design Code" provides the gas pipeline with pressure greater than 0.4Mpa. The pressure is less than 0.4Mpa pressure and low-pressure gas pipeline should use polyethylene pipe, mechanical interface ductile iron pipe, steel steel or steel skeleton plastic pipe. For pipeline for urban transport, the ERW steel pipe more than 0.4Mpa pressure is with undisputed status compared to other materials used in the steel pipe. Therefore, ERW steel pipe is the preferred city gas pipeline network construction. 
1, In terms of the safety, for the city gas pipeline network main pipe, the bearing capacity, tensile strength and elongation of ERW steel pipe are all far greater than cast iron pipe, and bearing capacity, tensile strength and the ability to adapt to the temperature difference are far greater than "PE "pipe; and in terms of the interface rigors, ERW steel pipe weld interface is far much more closely than the cast iron pipe, and much more solid; 
2, in terms of the adaptability, ERW steel pipe is suitable for gas, LNG, LPG, liquefied natural gas and air mixture, and cast iron pipe on the ability to adapt to LNG and natural gas is much less; ERW steel pipe capacity to adapt to temperature and pressure range is much greater than the "PE" pipe. 
3, In terms of the economic aspect, ERW steel pipe is cheaper than ductile iron pipe. And when more than φ160, ERW steel pipe is also cheaper than the "PE" pipe (generally speaking, most of the city gas main pipe φ300 or so). 
4, corrosion resistance of ERW steel pipe is not as good as cast iron pipe and "PE" pipe, which is an important issue to be sure to take a good anti-corrosion measures in the design and construction.