Advantages of erw pipe

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High frequency welded straight-seam pipe is used in high-frequency welding of the welding method,which is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, and AC charge in the conductor, the skin effect, the proximity effect and eddy current heating effect, so that the weld edges of the steel locally heated to a molten state wheel squeeze butt welds to achieve the crystalline aggregate indirect, so as to achieve the purpose of the welds.

High frequency welding is an induction welding (contact or pressure welding), it does not require the weld filler, no spatter, weld heat affected zone is narrower, welding forming beautiful, good welding machinery, etc., in the production of steel pipes by a wide range of applications, also including widely used in civil construction, petrochemical, light industry and other sectors, and to this end also to achieve the maximum benefit of the national economy!

Electric Resistance Welded steel pipes, ERW steel pipes or high frequency welded pipe for short, it has a number of advantages:
1) high production efficiency, low cost, the price is about 85% of UOE steel pipe;
2) size and high precision, better than roundness (Roundenss), spiral welded pipe, can save a lot of man-hours on-site counterparts;
3) smooth surface, beautiful appearance, favor within external coating applicator. The past, due to the poor reliability of ERW steel pipe welds, pipelines there have been a lot of accidents, thus limiting the use of ERW Pipe.