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Reasons for the wrong side of spiral steel pipe

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Spiral steel pipe in the production, the wrong side occurs, the impact of many factors in the production practice, often by the dry edge of the error caused by the degradation of steel pipe.Therefore, the analysis of spiral steel pipe wrong side of the causes and preventive measures are very necessary.

1. The sickle bend of the steel belt is the most important factor in the wrong side of the steel pipe.When the spiral welded pipe is formed, the sickle bend of the steel strip will change the forming angle constantly, resulting in the change of the weld gap, resulting in slit, While the quality of the steel pipe seriously affected, so the observation of the coil after the opening of the sickle bending situation, through the control of the roller to cut the disk can be part of the sickle bending and forming angle of continuous control and correction is to reduce the production process in the strip An effective way to produce a wrong side of the sickle.

2. Because the shape and size of the head and tail of the non-cutting edge are poor, the joint is easy to cause the hard bend of the steel belt.

3. steel head and tail butt welding welding gap is too large, when the over-molding if improper handling, likely to cause a larger wrong side.

4. The edge of the steel belt is another important cause of the wrong side.