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Special performance of stainless steel pipe

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1. Stainless steel pipe corrosion resistance is excellent: As the surface of stainless steel will form a thin layer of protective film, although the protective film is about 3 × 10-6 mm, but very tough, even if the damage, as long as next to Oxygen, you can immediately reproduce and prevent rust, as long as the characteristics of stainless steel and know the correct use of the water pipe or 100 ℃ hot water and other less corrosive conditions, almost do not have to worry about rust, do not worry about plating Zinc steel pipe to produce a common "rust protrusions" caused by the smaller diameter or resistance to increase the phenomenon, can not get blocked water flow.

2. Stainless steel pipe coffin health and reliable and do not worry about red water, green water and so on.

3. As the stainless steel pipe is lighter, can be easily handled and construction and reduce the cost of thin-walled stainless steel pipe due to corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of superior, only about one-third of the thickness of galvanized steel pipe, so the weight of the pipe Light, the cost will be reduced, so that handling more easily, more convenient to install.

4. Impact resistance

5. Distortion: At the construction site, due to the construction site, space and construction tools, construction workers often use the plastic pipe and not according to the construction specifications forced construction, so it is necessary to consider the pipe and pipe joints twist factors.