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The advantages of this method of connection of the steel connection sleeve

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1. Mechanical performance is good, the connection is safe and reliable: As the end of the steel by rolling forming, steel material by cold treatment, thread and steel strength have improved to make up the thread diameter is less than the base diameter of the base material base weakened The impact of the connection, so that the joint strength is higher than the base metal strength, make the base material to give full play to its strength and ductility.

2. Easy to connect: in a narrow field of reinforced structures can be flexible operation. Easy construction, high efficiency: reinforced connecting sleeve in the factory prefabricated, quality assurance: the scene rolling wire head equipment per class can be processed nearly 400, in the large amount of engineering and basement floor and other construction with unparalleled advantages , Construction without pollution, no fire operations, safe and environmentally friendly, all-weather construction.

3. Easy to detect: the construction does not require a specific test equipment, just look at the situation of steel wire can be measured to determine the quality of joints. Applicability: Applicable to all the anti-seismic and non-seismic reinforced concrete structure of the steel structure of the connection, and bending steel, fixed steel, reinforced cage, long steel and so can not turn the occasion are applicable.