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How to identify the normal rust and rusty seamless steel pipe

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Seamless steel pipe is through the steel pipe saw section, and then in the ring furnace heating - perforation - sizing - straightening - cooling - the head - packaged into a qualified product, generally sent to the hands of the production workshop is not fit So many spot, which requires dealers to place some cash, but dealers generally do not have a large indoor library, and some words are too costly, not cost-effective. Most of them are outdoor warehouses, seamless steel tubes placed in the outdoor will inevitably wind reminders the sun.

The so-called floating rust, as the name suggests is floating to the seamless steel pipe above a layer of rust, with a towel or other things can be wiped out, simply said that the rust can be considered no rust, belong to the normal state. Seamless steel pipe rust is a long years, at least in more than 1 year in the outdoor wind through the sun's seamless steel pipe, rusty seamless steel pipe above the large and small linen, which is seamless steel pipe rust and Rust the only biggest difference.