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High precision cold drawn tube encountered the reasons for the fracture

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Precision cold drawn tube is processed by high-precision cold drawing machine, the production of products, whether quality or performance are excellent, and has been widely used and play the due economic benefits.

However, in the actual production, due to the impact of certain factors lead to precision cold drawn tube will be broken, resulting in a certain loss. To this end we have to find the cause as soon as possible and make up for it.

After analysis found that the quality of precision cold drawn tube is affected, because part of the production enterprises do not pay attention to product quality, and blindly reduce production costs. Such as reducing the number of cold drawn or the number of annealing, which led to the product of the fracture, which is a huge form of failure of the failure to try to avoid.

Therefore, it is necessary to make strict rules on the production process of precision cold drawn tube, and strengthen the inspection and supervision of the actual process, so as to effectively avoid and eliminate the development of the cold-drawn tube broken electrical box to ensure the safety and stability of its use.