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How to avoid quality problems in the production of seamless steel pipe

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Now the production of seamless steel pipe, mostly the use of hot-rolled technology, because the temperature is high, so the deformation resistance is relatively small, are generally used to complete the rectification rolling plate rolling process, in this operation, but also need to take into account the steel Of the specific thickness, if it is relatively low precision requirements, there will be no plate-shaped problems, mainly dominated by control, that is, in terms of temperature control, but also a must be considered at the same time It can be said that this part of the consideration is also very important.

The market for seamless steel tubes have distinctive quality requirements, especially for different alloy elements can not be careless, of which the harmful elements must be strictly controlled, but also need to take into account the pipeline material after the completion of the production of dangerous And defects, such as possible cracks, internal break, external break, rolling broken, delamination, scarring, concave depression and so on, these must also be controlled within the agreed range, to avoid quality problems.