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Shaped steel tube life of how

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Shaped steel pipe is to protect the corrosion of the atmosphere with atmospheric corrosion, can be used to make vehicles, bridges, towers, containers and other low-alloy steel structure steel. Compared with the general carbon steel, shaped steel pipe in the atmosphere with better corrosion resistance. Compared with stainless steel, the special-shaped tube is only a trace of alloying elements, special-shaped steel pipe commonly used concentrate into the furnace - smelting (converter, electric furnace - microalloying - argon - LF refining - low superheat continuous casting - Controlled rolling and control of cold and other technical routes. Shaped pipe for the economic section of steel pipe. Shaped steel pipe, including the cross-sectional profile of non-circular, and other wall thickness, wall thickness, along the length of the variable diameter and wall thickness, And asymmetric etc. It is widely used in aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, construction, textile and boiler manufacturing, etc. In the smelting, the scrap is added to the furnace along with the charge and smelted according to the conventional process After adding steel deoxidizer and alloy, the molten steel after argon treatment, then casting, argon blowing temperature after the molten steel cast by the continuous casting machine slab. Due to the addition of rare earth elements in steel, shaped steel pipe to be cleaned, inclusions Greatly reduced.

Stainless steel special-shaped steel energy-saving requirements and society's voice to restore the natural environment is also getting higher and higher. In order to meet these requirements, the new stainless steel special-shaped pipe will be developed, smelting new technology and new equipment will appear accordingly. As the degree of mechanization and automation of foundry production continues to increase, more will be devoted to flexible production in order to expand its adaptability to different batch and multi-variety production. New technologies that save energy and raw materials will gain priority and new processes and new equipment that produce less or no pollution will be the first to be valued. Machines and equipment for special foundries and many transport and material handling equipment. Cast stainless steel shaped tube production and other processes have different characteristics, mainly wide adaptability, the need for materials and equipment, pollute the environment.