Well Casing Define

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Casing is a kind of oilfield equipment, used in open hole and into the new drill pipe.Usually after drilling a open hole, then casing, then the cementing operations and to ensure the safety of the hole, and then on to the next section of drilling.

Oil casing is used to support the oil and gas well wall. To ensure that the drilling process and after completion of the normal operation of the oil Wells.Each well according to the different drilling depth and geological condition, to use several layers of casing.After using cement cementing, it is different from tubing, drill pipe, well casing can not be repeated use, and belongs to the one-time consumption materials.So, the consumption of well casing accounted for more than 70% of the total oil well pipe.



OCTG is mainly used in oil and gas well drilling and oil and gas transmission.It includes petroleum drill pipe, oil casing, tubing.Oil drill pipe is mainly used to connect the drill collar and bit and drilling.Oil casing pipe is mainly used in the drilling process and after the completion of borehole wall support, to ensure that the drilling process and after completion of the normal operation of the oil Wells.Main pipe will be well at the bottom of the oil and gas transmission to the ground.

Oil casing is to maintain the lifeblood of any oil Wells.Due to different geological conditions, underground stress state is complex, tension, pressure, bending, torsion stress combination on the pipe body, which put forward higher requirements about the quality of the casing itself.Once the casing damage due to some reason itself, may lead to the whole production of the well, or even scrapped.

According to the strength of the steel itself casing can be divided into different steel grade, namely the J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110 and Q125, V150, etc.Different well conditions, hole depth, the grade of steel are also different.In corrosive environment also requires casing itself has corrosion resistance.In the complicated geological conditions where also calls for casing collapse resistance.