Daily maintenance of stainless steel seamless pipe

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Stainless steel seamless pipe is a pipeline for air and steam resistance and other acidic substances. Therefore, we can see it has good resistance to corrosion, precisely because of such characteristics make it become a lot of fluid pipeline the preferred material for pipeline, but friends also need to pay attention to what, stainless steel seamless pipe, if in alkali or acid environment will appear to be corroded, so friends need to take some imitation anti-corrosion measures.
Have many friends in cleaning stainless steel seamless pipe will use some containing weakly acidic compounds were clean, and friends did not pay attention to the content of acid resulted in not only the second pollution to the environment and for seamless pipe caused certain effect, in after cleaning should use the clean water to wipe, avoid the use of alkali substances to clean grease, this will leads to a degree of finish of stainless steel seamless pipe, surface appears bleak phenomenon. The placement is also best able to reduce the chance of being corroded in a dry environment.